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At Trobatea we facilitate the creation of memorable family experiences. We offer a wide range of activities, customizing a plan for each family, based on their interests.

We show all the activities in a single place, saving time in the search, decision, coordination and logistics of the families.

We connect with families with children between 0 and 14 years old. Families who want to get out of the routine and offer their children a world of possibilities, be it during the week, the weekend or during their vacations.

In Trobatea there is not only room for activities that are considered purely childish, since we conceive family time as something much more holistic.

At Trobatea we give a voice to all those places, brands and institutions that know how to take care of families with children and promote healthy lifestyles, sustainable and responsible consumption, fundamental pillars of our values.
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turism, travel, education, entertainment, leisure industry, sustainable turism
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No funding announced yet
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