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Business Description
Triveria is providing digital identity solutions using verifiable credentials for the next generation of the Internet. We aim to provide the best user experience- very simple, yet very secure solution of sharing verifiable credentials and providing decentralised online identity. Thanks to our digital wallet, verifiable credentials and blockchain, we can make information nearly impossible to fake and easy to verify, without the need to feed your data into federated identity providers. Our main focus are EU member states, as we are closely following standards and specifications provided by EUDI Wallet, EBSI and EIDAS 2.0.

Long Business Description

Triveria products and services will bring its users new experience on the Internet. Thanks to our solutions online interactions will be much more user friendly, secure, fast and convenient. Our solutions are not only aimed at end users, but also at companies providing their services online. We design our products and services so that they enable further automation of processes, thus saving time and cutting spendings on workforce.

We are strictly EIDAS 2.0 and EUDI compliant, meaning that our clients and users are ready for the shift to the new Internet Era EU member states are currently forming.

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verifiable credentials, online identity, EUDI Wallet, EBSI
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