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Trip/In generates tailored information about choices of activities (Retail, F&b, Fun) available at airports worldwide based on traveller’s preferences, available time, location (airports), constraints & environment. Airports will benefit from reports on traveller’s entire experience for a fee.
Long Business Description:

Billions of travellers will continue flowing through airports globally. According to the Airport Council International, within the next 10 years, we will reach 14 billion in annual traffic. Airports are becoming Aerocities. How will we manage this expansion and heavy flow of travellers? How will we improve traveller’s experience? How will we help travel port generating more revenue? Trip/In is a travel companion which gives tailored and optimised information about what choices of retail and other activities are available at travel ports (airports and railway stations) based on time spent at a particular airport. The platform will improve traveller’s journey experience and increase travel ports revenue using a predictive algorithm
& recommendation model to improve its business and keep travellers happy. Our service will improve conversion, offer extended contents, will avail a communication channel between travel ports and travellers (messaging platforms).

Based in:
Roissy en France (France)
agregators, travel companion, passenger experience, travel hospitality, traveller journey
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