Business Description
TRIDITIVE is a company founded in mid 2016 and located in Asturias-Spain, whose main activity is the production of automated industrial additive manufacturing machinery.
TRIDITIVE has developed AMCELL®, the first automated industrial machine with AMD TECHNOLOGY® proprietary hybrid additive manufacturing technology in metal and polymers managed through its EVAM SOFTWARE®. In addition, TRIDITIVE has developed a SCALADD® additive manufacturing center for the series production of components.
Long Business Description

AMCELL® is a fully automated hybrid additive machine for the simultaneous mass production of metal and polymer parts.
It´s the first 3D hybrid printer ready for fast series production, reducing the cost per part, taking additive manufacturing from prototyping to mass manufacturing, a necessary revolution needed in the technology.
AMCELL® offers end-to-end solutions for Additive Manufacturing and is revolutionizing industrial manufacturing.
It´s a comprehensive system that makes of additive manufacturing a viable solution for high-volume production environments. It consists of a system of 8 parallel robotic arms that has an automatic system for the loading of manufacturing platforms and the ejection of printed parts, in addition to a remote control and a monitoring system. This allows the machine to operate in a 24/7 mode with minor human intervention.

It´s the first industrial AM hybrid machine ready for fast series production, reducing the cost per part to compete with other traditional manufacturing methods, AMCELL® redefines the industrialization of additive manufacturing.

In addition, the software developed by TRIDITIVE called EVAM SOFTWARE®, integrated with AMCELL®, allows remote management and control of the entire production process.

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