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We love Outdoor Adventures and Nature. We often do Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Rafting, and many more invigorating Outdoor Adventures. These frequent activities made us realize a couple of years back that there is no search engine in existence where one could search, find and book any amazing Outdoor Adventure in the world. Hence we decided to build Trekhunt, the global search engine for outdoor adventure tours and activities. We made it our mission to help people all around the world to search and find amazing outdoor adventures.

We are not a travel agency nor we are a tour operator. We are a search engine, a tech company helping fellow adventurers. We are similar to Google, Bing, Yahoo! but we are only focused on outdoor adventures. We don’t do restaurants. Not even wine tasting or hotels. We focus on adventures in Nature. We want to help people out there to experience all the wonders of Nature and really find themselves there.

We believe that there’s an inner adventurer in every person in the world. It’s there in You too and we would like to help you unleash it! That’s why we’re spending night and day working on the best search engine for outdoor adventures in our Budapest office.
Based in:
Outdoor Adventures, nature, Hiking, biking, Skiing
Total Funding:
Between €100K-€500K
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