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Traxpay, a pioneer in B2B Dynamic Payments uniquely connects banking, transaction data, and B2B commerce together to provide the utmost in visibility and control for B2B buyers and suppliers. The modular, SAP-certified, cloud-based solution provides and enables secure and flexible payments, and value-added financial services that can adapt in real-time to the ever-changing parameters and complexities that define B2B trade. Unlike legacy static payment services which are disconnected from the rest of the process, Traxpay embeds Dynamic Payments directly into existing business networks and processes (P2P, O2C, ERP, etc.) and connects and monitors all associated transaction data along with the payment itself. As B2B transactions regularly require payments to be split, combined, rerouted, canceled, partially refunded, factored, financed, put into escrow, executed on condition, paid on delivery, discounted, or in some other way dynamically altered during the course of the transaction, Traxpay provides full track-and-trace capabilities and ensures all parties and systems are synchronized. Traxpay’s event-driven workflow constantly monitors for changing terms, then executes and settles the payment accordingly, completing the last mile of the transaction, and enabling faster, safer, and smarter B2B trade.

Traxpay’s mission is to revolutionize business commerce by transforming the way that companies pay and get paid. The company has received numerous industry awards, is privately held, and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with operations in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit www.traxpay.com or follow us on @traxpay.
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