Building products and solutions utilizing data analysis, machine learning and AI technology.

The fields we are working on:

* User retention, growth, personalization, monetization solutions for digital publishers, e-commerce, SaaS
* Data intelligence , Machine learning and NLP
* Managed performance, security of website and web application
* Managed cost, performance, security for server and cloud


* UniConsent – Universal GDPR consent management platform for websites
* PubPayment – Payment, membership, subscription and monetisation solutions for online publishers
* Transfon Gateway – Modern website/API/infrastructure data security, performance monitoring and optimization, integration solution powered by data intelligence.
* Transfon Swoole Compiler – PHP source code, application security, IP protection, licensing management solution.

* Managed Cloud and server services
* Web application performance optimization
* Cloud and Infrastructure management and migration
* Cost auditing and optimization

GDPR, consent, payment
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