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5m Europeans are retiring every year. 2m of them will live so long that they run out of money. The "pension" they have now is not what their parents had, it is nothing more than a savings account that some day will run out.
TontineTrust is a fintech building a global digital pensions platform that uses the principle of risk sharing to offer these retirees an affordable, sustainable lifetime income thereby removing not just the possibility of becoming financially destitute but also removing the daily fear that this risk imposes on them and their families.
We will be the first operator in Europe that fulfills the ambition of the newly enacted Pan-European Pension legislation.
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In the US, the average man is expected to outlive their retirement savings by 8 years, the average US woman by 10 years. Due to smaller family sizes, the indebtedness of millennial age children and the pre-existing strain on the top OECD social security systems ($80 Trillion deficits rising by 5% per year), this global problem is going to manifest itself in a pension pandemic that will see over 30% of retirees even in developed markets run out of money before they die meaning that they can no longer afford basic needs or healthcare. Tontine Trust has developed a 100% effective cure for this problem based upon a Tontine which is a proven 400 year old formula which is being resurrected in fully digital format and which fully prevent members from becoming financially destitute.
It will protect retirees and societies from the effects of mass homelessness even among formerly middle class retirees.
Last year we had inbound enquiries from institutions managing in excess of $2 Trillion that are interested to form B2B2C partnerships with us when we enter their markets. With the help of several development banks we are also already in conversation with several governments regarding national B2G2C implementations using Public Private Partnerships.
We are currently preparing to launch on a direct to consumer basis in order to be able to first help the 10,000 consumers that have registered on our waiting list.

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