TOLREMO therapeutics

TOLREMO therapeutics
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TOLREMO therapeutics
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TOLREMO therapeutics AG (“TOLREMO”) is a Swiss biotechnology company that was spun out of ETH Zurich in 2017. Based on cutting-edge science and guided by pioneering real-world medicine, TOLREMO created a broad cancer drug resistance platform that provides a unique entry point into a major clinical problem. In two parallel R&D programs the company develops resistance-breaking add-on therapies that extend the therapeutic benefit of oncogene-targeting cancer drugs (Adaptive Drug Resistance Program) and anti-angiogenic cancer drugs (Hypoxia-Driven Drug Resistance Program). TOLREMO’s unique drug resistance platform has the potential to catalyze a new wave of potent resistance-breaking molecules that will meaningfully extend the lives of patients suffering from cancer. To learn more visit
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BioTech, MedTech, Drug Discovery
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