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We believe in cleaner oceans, a sustainable lifestyle and in waste as a resource. For this reason we have partnered with Swiss scientists to develop #tide ocean material made from 100% ocean-bound plastic. We transform the plastics threatening our oceans into new sustainable products. Because we believe in the necessity of a circular economy.
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Every year, more than eight million tons of plastic trash land in the ocean and on coastlines. #tide has teamed up with multiple organisations to collect and pull what already exists and produce a material that can be used in a range of sustainable products.

Our versatile granular material is made completely from plastic collected from the ocean – all kinds of plastic, not just PET bottles. Hard plastics like shampoo bottles and plastic containers can be used to recreate new plastic products such as watches, furniture and electronic devices, or in the interior of a car; PET bottles can be used for fabric that becomes a watch strap, clothing or carpet.

The granular material is tested and produced in partnership with the Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing (IWK), a branch of the University of Applied a (Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil) in Rapperswil, Switzerland.

Everyone has their part to play. We believe it is our duty to take action where it is most desperately needed. And in turn, we give you the opportunity to do your part, too.

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