The Story of a Nation

The Story of a Nation
Business Name:
The Story of a Nation
Business Description:
We create high-quality 3D reconstructions based on archaeology data for major tourist attractions in Europe, then based on them we create printed products and applications thus creating a synergy between print and digital (augmented reality, audio guide, and others). We also create tourist circuits by promoting surrounding sites and we do all this in strong collaboration with tourist attractions management and users. All of our products will be part of the official virtual tour of the monuments.
Thus, we create a solid brand that can be recognized at every tourist attraction, and we extend our portfolio of products as we advance with technology and content.
Then we apply this method to other tourist attractions.
We envision it as a game-changer by enhancing the experiences of visiting historical sites. Imagine people visiting and seeing how monuments looked in their years of glory and interacting naturally with that environment. This “super-sight” will not only vastly improve their experience on-site but also provide them with a truly intuitive and fun way to discover more information about the site.
Based in:
3D, printed products, archaeology data

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