The Soulhouse School of Conscious Creativity

The Soulhouse School of Conscious Creativity
Business Name:
The Soulhouse School of Conscious Creativity
Business Description:
Today’s world constantly solicits our attention, affects ownership of our thoughts, and often challenges the effective channeling of our innate potent creative energy. The Soulhouse School of Conscious Creativity (SSCC) is a cross-cultural, subscription-based, online school that offers a unique curriculum for Presence Training & Conscious Creative Process.
The genius of the SSCC curriculum is that it can be effectively woven into any learning environment to empower any creative process with any innovative goal, weaving effortlessly into the students’ own mission.
The Soulhouse method – combining Modern Meditation, Energy Awareness, Imagination Training, and Creative Process – applies for students all ages, 1:1 training or in groups, is effective and relevant globally, creates wellness and enhances communication and consciousness. SSCC offers a network of resources, enables co-creation and frees the imagination to innovate without limits.
Based in:
France / Global
consciousness, creativity, school, education, meditaiton
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