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If you are looking for a nice little boutique with some Godfather twists and a wonderful lounge, the Sayers Club in LA is a great place to go.

The door is completely unmarked on the outside, giving the feel that you are heading for an adventure, which you most definitely are! The venue is very small and cosy and stepping inside makes you a member of a sort of elite club for that night. The same people, sounds, and flavours will never be combined in that room again.

Inside looks ripped right out of a golden era Hollywood movie, with plush seating, warm leather, soft lighting and metallic accents.

The dance floor might look a little stark, which is no surprise as it is based on an old recording studio. But do not be fooled by the external appearances. The retractable stage and state of the art sound system and lighting bring this place to life, and the empty dance area complete with acoustic tiles will reflect the beats like no other. Many big name artists enjoy playing here, finding it to be the best nightclub in LA for sound and party atmosphere.

The VIP service is top quality. You will feel like a true star as you sit back on your comfortable couch and are brought countless bottles for shots. The refreshments are out of this world and incredibly creative. If you want to move beyond the usual drinks

If you need a snack to keep you going, then you will be able to get a bite here. Considering how all-enveloping the club is, it is for the best because you really don't want to leave. Rather than break the magic you can sit back and enjoy your food whilst watching the dance floor come alive.

The music is provided by fresh DJs every week, so you will never know exactly what to expect. That said, there is a strong leaning towards electronic music, so if you want to hazard a guess, guess electronic. You might still be surprised, though, as R&B, pop, and old school hip hop have all featured in the past. Unless you look into the artists well in advance, the best idea is to just turn up and enjoy. After all, whoever's playing is going to be amazing.

You can also enjoy assorted entertainment acts many days of the week. Again, nothing is guaranteed, so you either want to look into who is lined up, or just book in and see what happens at this fun and quirky LA nightclub.

As you can probably expect from a quirky venue, it will attract a quirky crowd. Anything from standard club clothes to alternative scene outfits to actual character costumes is fine. Just make sure you look polished and hot.

Getting into The Sayers nightclub in LA is not an easy feat. You can't just queue and get in. This happens sometimes, but you really cannot ever count on it. Even if you do get in, expect to pay a modest cover fee, as you would anywhere else. You have to be on The Sayers Club guest list to get in.

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