The Pump Factory Milano

The Pump Factory Milano
Business Name:
The Pump Factory Milano
Business Description:
Underpinned by the higher mission of democratizing access to handcrafted iconic pumps, we launched The Pump Factory Milano, in response to the strong feeling that traditional retailers are not keeping up with the values of today’s consumers.
With the goal of bringing affordable luxury Pumps to the women out there, The Pump Factory Milano is able to provide a high quality product at lower price disintermediating the shoes value chain – from artisan to consumer.
We are encouraging the biggest shift in the luxury consumer behavior: a direct-to-consumer model that is eliminating traditional branding. Shoes are produced in a limited quantity due to the fact that are completely handmade in the Italian shoes valley: Marche.
Starting with a collection of 20 everyday essentials Pumps, we intend to create a curated assortment of high-quality shoes. We do thorough trends research and product-vetting to present a collection that meets incredibly high quality standards and our customers choice. And we’ll never make you choose between hundreds different kinds of shoes. We have the most iconic one and we are specialised, not generalist: the Pump.
TPFM highly-curated collection is more about building a conscious community of shoeaholic, a quality and people-first approach.
TPFM is born with the idea of connecting people around our ambition: to become the point of reference within the iconic pump offer and reflect the concept the brand will be renowned for: everyday pumps, direct to you, without overspending.
Quality shouldn’t have to cost more.
We want to build a distinct identity rooted in quality, value and trust.
Slow down the fashion cycle with us.
Based in:
iconic pumps, handcrafted
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