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Business Description
The Other WorkSpace is a coworking space in Budapest, Hungary.

At The Other WorkSpace we focus on creating an environment that helps our members to get tasks off their to-do list. We do this by doing everything we can to make our workspace calm, comfortable, and cosy.

There is nothing wrong with a coworking place being a chill, laid-back, café-like place. And while we try to create a different environment, concentrating on helping members focus on their work, we enjoy a bit of chilling and cosy space too!
Long Business Description

I worked a lot both from home, and from cafés. And why would I ever even want to leave my comfy home to work from somewhere else?

As the days, weeks, and months passed, I started feeling more and more like in a (admittedly quite nice) prison cell, more like in my cosy home. So I thought to myself, let's go to a coworking office! There’s plenty in the city and I'll probably be more productive there, and meet some nice people!

I went. I went and went and went and went. To a ton of places. I was a “digital nomad” (hate the word though) for a while and this lead me to go to a ton of places both in Hungary and abroad.

There are a ton of different coworking offices, and I tried a lot of them out. Many of them were actually great to work from! Meeting with new people, going to work in a cosy place that has coffee, what more could I ask for?

Now that I settled in Budapest, the thing is that while overall the experience in some places is quite nice, and I really liked many of the coworking places I went to, I was feeling like there was something missing.

After going to these coworking spaces, they started to feel more like cafés than a place where I could actually focus on my work.

Initially I went to work from a coworking office because I wanted to be somewhere where I could focus on my work more than at home.

While the coworking places where I stayed for a bit of time started feeling like super cosy coffee shops where you gather with friends all day long, it wasn’t really fulfilling the goal I had initially set out for myself.

I wanted to go someplace where I would have a bit less noise, where I could focus more on my tasks, and get the work done more efficiently, so that later on I would enjoy meeting friends away from my work desk, and not have a to-do list getting longer by the day hanging over my head.

And this is why we opened our little coworking space, The Other WorkSpace in Budapest, less than a 2 minutes walk from the Lehet tér metro station on line 3.

This way, anyone working from The Other WorkSpace can focus on getting tasks off their to-do list, and be able to work without losing track of the tasks they work on, all the while being in a comfortable and cosy environment.

I am still going out to work from coffee shops once in a while, when I feel like it, but I know that I’ll always have my spot at The Other WorkSpace, in case I need to get some work done!

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