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Business Description
Our Medical Tech start-up provides a scalable, secure, affordable and user-friendly telemonitoring system. We developed a mobile phone application "MedCor4U" which is connected to 4 medically approved devices, puls an activity tracker device to measure the vital signs and activity of the patients at home or in their own enviroment. The vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate, weight, temperature and saturation are directly transferred and connected to an Electronic Health Records (EHR) of the patients in their own hospital. Our start-up provides a different approach to E-Health where the patients are at the epicenter of healthcare processes with ideas originated from the workflour by doctors and nurses.
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Our Vision
“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic” -Peter Drucker.

During the unprecedented months of COVID-19 pandemic; many patients including known heart failure patients and post acute coronary syndrome patients across the world were unable to receive the necessary medical attention from their healthcare professionals, because most of the healthcare systems in the world were simply flooded with COVID-19 patients. MedCor solution was born due to the urgent medical necessities of all patients including COVID-19 patients.

Our vision is to create a secure telemonitoring system to connect patients and their vitals directly to their healthcare professional and hospital’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) by using HL7 protocols. We followed a strict criteria to select only clinically approved, high quality home monitoring devices such as contactless thermometers, blood pressure, saturation and body composition monitors. The result is MedCor4U mobile based application with secure connectivity to various devices and at the same time user friendly.

By implementing the MedCor4U telemonitoring system you can connect your patients to your medical staff and EHR using a scalable, secure and affordable system. We take privacy very seriously, patients can see and/or export their data any time they wish.

Our mission is helping your patients to receive guideline based therapies at home using clinically approved monitoring devices. Connecting their vitals to your EHR in a secure way.

Together we can reduce the monitoring burden on healthcare systems worldwide and provide the needed healthservices on the right time in the right place, close to the patients, even at home.

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E-Health, Telemonitoring, Med Tech, EHR integration
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