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Business Description
Our consumer solution is Foodtodo. See description here.
FoodToDo is an online Application to create mealplans, manage shopping lists and get inspirational tasty, easy to cook, healthy recipes. FoodToDo connects together online solutions, IOT & kitchen technologies, food products and food retailers to help people to diet healthier and manage their daily life hassle free.
Long Business Description

We are Medtech company and we connect Health and Food Data under one umbrella. Our digitalized weight and disease management gives the opportunity for patients to become an active stakeholder within the treatment cycle.
Connecting to various health clouds will allow consumers to be the owner and the decision maker of their health food and data.
Food Health solutions will optimise employee's nutrition to increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction,shortens sickness cycles and reduce sickness rates within employer organisations.

Based in
Pori, Finland
foodtech, mealplan, health

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