A doctor, a mechanic, a lawyer, a restaurant… on teepik, your friends give you the benefit of good professionals and the best shops.

Discover the trusted mutual aid with teepik: help your friends, colleagues and professionals or retailers you are satisfied with.
Find only doctors, craftsmen, restaurants, garage owners, retailers, … rated 5* by your relatives.
With teepik, you will be able to :
Invite your friends to form your private community
Share your experiences with your friends or colleagues: a doctor, a craftsman, a restaurant, a mechanic, a lawyer, a wine shop, a florist, etc.
Get feedback from your friends’ experiences
teepik gives priority to common sense, proximity and trust as an alternative to search engines and anonymous notification platforms.
For the professionals and retailers recommended on teepik, it is a way to amplify the natural word of mouth made by their good customers.
teepik works in a private circle. The details of your recommendations are seen only by the friends you have chosen.

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