Taxnology Innovations

Taxnology Innovations
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Taxnology Innovations
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Taxnology Innovations provides a wide range of tax and accounting services. Taxnology offers a depth of knowledge about the tax system that enables us to provide strategic, creative solutions. The company is a unique, innovative, state-owned venture capital-funded start-up company in Hungary.
Technology is transforming taxation and related services #TaxTech #GovTech #FinTech
Taxnology is an innovative consulting company focusing on tax and technology . We’re a team of tax and tax technology industry veterans who know taxation, know how to build and implement software and technology and know how to optimize business processes.
Our innovative and passionate team has also developed Digital Solutions for Hungary #eVAT #eRegistration #eXPAT #TXNCode
We also have an international partners, like Avalara, and Way2VAT, who provide cross-border VAT solutions.
Quality. Results. Value. Accuracy. Taxnology.
Digital Administration.
Digitization reached the business administration, which is under a significant transformation
Using our #TXNCode system, accounting, human resources, payroll and tax processes can be digitized #eVAT #eRegistration #eXPAT #TXNCode
Business Administration can be robotized and fully executed with smart devices.
Digital Solutions.
Our digital solutions are independent from any platform, all the data are stored in a structured way in cloud, easily available also years later for any purposes, like for tax audits or financial analysis #eVAT
You can easily research and work with documents and information marked with our #TXNCode system – tax returns, financial reports and analysis will be available within seconds #eVAT
#TXNCode is the key of a real-time and on-line centralized financial management system
With our #eXPAT solution, we can easily prepare personal income tax returns of expatriates living in Hungary – you just give us some information through our online channel and your tax return is ready for filing
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accounting services, tax system, taxation
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No funding announced yet
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