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TastingIN is the first multiproduct Virtual Tasting Marketplace that connects sellers with consumers passionate about gastronomy. Producers and artisans of wine, cava, whiskey, cheese, chocolate, coffee, oil, honey and other culinary products from around the globe sell their virtual tastings direct to consumers from the comfort and safety of their homes. The customers choose their tasting, receive their products and organise a time to connect.
Long Business Description

Although this project was born during the initial lockdown period of the Covid-19 crisis, Tasting IN firmly believe that virtual tastings have an exciting long-term future. It is a trend that has been observed in Asia for years, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunities that this novel form of digitization offers. A study by Shopify recently found that 14% of Americans recently tried a virtual experience for the first time.

Being able to use the Internet as a platform to carry out tastings and sell products means exponentially multiplying its scope (nationally and internationally). The consumer benefits from considerable savings in transportation costs, and can try products which they would not normally be able to purchase, as well as the option of safe tourism in the testing times we are living in.

Tasting IN not only helps small producers to publicise their products and generate sales by providing a fully functional ecommerce store but can also support large producers in a qualitative way, saving them time. Developing, promoting and organizing online tastings can be a tedious task, requiring a lot of dedication, especially from the marketing department. Since our work and reason for being is focused on generating traffic to our website and promoting the tastings that we host, we save wineries all that promotion process, putting them in contact with a qualified traffic of customers who are already interested and actively looking for virtual tastings.

Producers can open a profile completely free of charge and start offering two types of tastings: Private Virtual Tastings or Tastings On Demand. Private tastings are at a date and time set at the customer's convenience and adapted to their needs, whilst the VODs can be watched at any time.

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Sojuela, La Rioja
Virtual Tastings, Marketplace
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