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Business Description
Our future is going to be quite different from our present.
Artificial intelligence and autonomous robots will do most of our tasks automatically.
Goods will be as favorable as never before. Abundance is normal for some people. Others, however, find no tasks, no opportunities to create prosperity through employment.
The gap between the rich and the poor blows the societies around the world.

Tomorrow‘s working world is a world where we do something because we want to do it.
And yet it will also remain the world in which we look for recognition and earn income to fulfill our desires.
Self-realisation becomes more easily possible, but making a living remains important.
Talenter.io is the platform for this.

Much faster than everyone thinks, the artificial intelligence will do all the jobs. We really mean ALL(!) jobs.
Doctor, truck drivers, pilots, managers, Tax Consultants, Lawyers, Authorities-employees, Officials and even CEOs.
AI is always more efficient, faster and always makes the right decisions.

The AI replaces us in just a few years,takes away what constitutes "humanity": To be used.
This creates a unique need and a gigantic business.
This profound social change has been our concern for a long time. Our solution: Talenter.io
Long Business Description

Talenter.io offers for the first time an solution that enables people to provide human services beyond the usual professional standards. Talenter.io is to offer the world a completely new and urgently needed labor market. A billion-dollar market!

Today, if only every unemployed person in the world offers an hour of talent for one dollar, the added value of 1.2 trillion dollars/year is generated. An added value that is currently withheld from all these people! That is the state of play today. Over the next five to fifteen years, up to 40% of today's jobs will fall victim to automation and artificial intelligence. Soon the Talenter market will not be a billion-dollar market, a one hundred billion-dollar market.

Population density is key for Talenter‘s success:
The world did Talenter the favour to concentrate people in spots. More than 54% of world‘s population lives in urban areas.
Talenter will focus on metropoles the first years. To this end, we have developed a sophisticated hub marketing strategy.

A small booking fee of 5% guaranteed steady income.
Talenter will gain steady income independend of momentarely TLT courses because a service is probably offered on Talenter.io in a TLT equivalent of 5 Dollar in average.

Our business plan is to grow successively. As described above, we will use the developed hub marketing strategy to develop one metropolis after another and build up local employees there as well. If we are successful, expansion will continue. We are therefore extremely cautious with liquid funds and will definitely lead talenter.io to great success. If in doubt, it only takes longer, but it will happen.

A sophisticated plan has already been developed as to which metropolises we will tackle one after the other.

Shared Economy Market is ripe for Blockchain Approach

Etsy, Fiverr, TaskRabbit, Uber are like Talenter in gig economy. And also when they aren‘t direct competitors they are good indicators for Talenter‘s market.
Etsy, fiverr and TaskRabbit are making approximately a 312 million Dollar turn-over.
The already existing gig market represents a great opportunity for a blockchain solution. Even more if one think about the near future.

Blockchain technology is going to make purchase processes manyfold easier. And so far convenience was always a strong argument for users.

Team experience:
Here some more informations to the Founder-Team, who have been working together for 15 years and have been working exclusively and intensively at Talenter.io for 1 year.

Roland Schwarz
has studied at the Academy of Arts in Berlin and finished as the best of the year, awarded with a magnific price.
He has built up Jung von Matt in Berlin and was many years their successful managing director.
He is responsible for the marketing of numerous international bestseller.
Roland has also established business in China. For a long time he act as Blockchain an Cryptocurrency Evangelist.
At Talenter he use his whole experience for whose great fame

Alexander Hotz
has the master in business management. He had worked successfully for a long time at an international bank
and is a veteran of the web startup industry. As a pioneer he developed 1994 (as a reminder: Google was founded 1997)
the first international communities used by millions of users. Large international companies appreciate his expertise.
He has recognized very early the potential for blockchain and cryptocurrency applications.
His internet experience together with the famous expertise of Roland will make Talenter.io marvellous.

And now?
The only thing we need to scale the business is a lead investor. We have already found co-investors. With a lead investor we could give the starting signal for the rollout. Please support us. Please contact us. Every help helps.

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AI, automation robots
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