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Hardly anyone feels like taking care of their electricity, mobile phone or DSL tariff. Your providers know that too. The result: a crooked market with all kinds of dubious business practices. As the first automatic TariffGuard in Germany, we are cleaning up the mess and ensuring that everyone is always treated fairly from now on. For us, the focus is on a simple guiding question: Is it possible to deal with customers as one would with a good friend?

With SwitchUp we are making a consistent attempt to build a company on a philosophy. You will notice that in many ways we act differently than most startups. Starting with the fact that we are not looking for an investor to freely put our idealistic view of the world into practice. In the same way, our team culture, for us, is not just an empty phrase, but something we live with a lot of passion. Right through to our constantly evolving office environment, in which we invest a lot of energy to create an environment in which people feel completely at ease. We also have our steam cooked lunch every day, and in the evening we often end the working day with a glass of wine or homemade kombucha on our roof terrace.
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fairness, new work, communication
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