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SustainLab is a Sustainability Intelligence Company that creates next generation technology to help businesses gather, process, and understand their sustainability data.
SustainLab’s mission is to enable decision-makers to achieve impactful sustainability results with it’s innovative sustainability intelligence platform. This is done by making data handling so simple that companies can have visibility of sustainability data as often as financial data and review it in every management team meeting, instead of reviewing the performance once yearly. Powered by unique technology and shaped with a focus on impact, SustainLab aims to accelerate change for Better business - Better planet.
Long Business Description

For customers, the SustainLab platform is superior to competitor as it is

More resource-efficient. Raw data is processed in the platform, which means that the customer does not need to do any manual pre-processing of the data. This can save up to 90% of the time data owners spend on sustainability data reporting.
Providing higher quality results, as human input is minimized and thereby also the risk for manual errors. Further, quality checks are continuously applied throughout the platform to increase data quality. In comparison, using competitors’ platforms, the quality of the data that is inputted to the platform is the quality that is outputted, and risk for manual errors are significant as raw data is not processed.
The ease of using the platform and the reduction in time spent on processing data sources leads to the ultimate goal of the SustainLab platform: to accelerate the sustainability transition of businesses worldwide, as companies are enabled to view their performance and data once per month or even once per week, instead of once yearly.
Presenting additional unique information to the customer, such as extensive benchmarking to standards and peers, and target tracking.

As a result, SustainLab enables decision makers to achieve impactful results in their business. With this, we aim to fulfill our vision: To accelerate change for better business - better planet.

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sustainability as a service, SaaS, machine learning, sustainability data analysis
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