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Sumsub is an international startup that provides companies with AI-driven identity verification tools for onboarding new clients and complying with AML/KYC/KYB regulations. Its forensic anti-fraud software is based on machine learning algorithms and fraud pattern analysis.

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Founded by three brothers, Andrey, Jacob and Peter Sever, Sumsub’s goal is to prevent fraud attacks and make identity verification fast, secure, and transparent for clients. Broad, in-house legal expertise enables Sumsub to ensure regulatory compliance in more than 220 countries and territories.
Its customizable user-friendly platform is globally applicable and offers a wide range of solutions from fully automated identity verification to semi-automated and agent-assisted verification. Sumsub’s methodology is in accordance with FATF recommendations on AML and CTF requirements, which serve as the basis for local and international AML laws. Sumsub uses a risk-based approach and follows global and local regulatory norms (FATF, FINMA, FCA, CySEC, MAS). All data is kept in EU-based Amazon GDPR compliant servers. Responsibility for all data lies in Sumsub’s DPO (Data Protection Officer).

Based in:
London, Berlin
verification, anti-fraud, onboarding, AI
Total Funding:
Between €5 million-€10 million

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