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Business Description
SUBLIME Energie is a company with a mission, which allows the creation of new local supply chains for bioNGV and bioCO 2 and gives access to the merchandisable biomass deposit from small farms located far from networks.

In a circular economy logic, our equipment makes possible a new biogas collection, transport, purification, and conditioning service, responding to environmental and climatic challenges, while increasing the resilience of the agricultural world and the energy sovereignty of the regions.

Our equipment uses the only biogas liquefaction technology in the world, which, coupled with a refrigeration recycling system, gives it high energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

This technology is a paradigm shift in the biogas treatment chain insofar as it enables the efficient transport of concentrated biogas from small-scale agricultural mechanization in order to pool its purification, and thus benefit from significant scale effects.
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biomass deposit, biogas liquefaction, technology
Total Funding
No funding announced yet

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