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Storebuddy is a SaaS product which automates accounting and reconciliation of orders, online payments, payouts and fees to create a scalable solution for e-commerce accounting.

Long Business Description

A few issues become clear fast for e-commerce owners

1. Way too much time is spent on manual booking and reconciliation
2. Risk of human error when booking manually
3. Sellers are missing overview
4. Mounting administrative burden when scaling
5. Loss of competitiveness because of time spent on administration
6. VAT handling and accounting compliance can be a headache

All issues Storebuddy solve

We focus on interoperability and easy dataflow between webshops, ERP systems, payment gateways and aquirers, thereby helping both small and large webshops with alleviating the administrative burden. By automating booking of orders, payments, refunds, gift cards and providing easy reconciliation, we give them the freedom to scale their business without losing the overview of the sales channels and administration. There's no file uploads. Everything is automated.

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SaaS, ecommerce, accounting, fintech
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