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StethoMe is a company that creates innovative solutions within the field of telemedicine. Currently, our primary product is a wireless stethoscope working with a dedicated smartphone app and StethoMe AI. The device and AI algorithms have been certified in EU as a class medical device (CE2274) StethoMe is the first medical diagnostic device of its kind – one that monitors the respiratory system in a precise but user-friendly way.
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StethoMe reduces diagnostic errors and provides patients with a sense of security. It also gives a possibility of full remote consultation for adults and children - anytime, anywhere. You can use telemedicine service for diagnosing respiratory problems and for consultations - the most common reasons for Primary Care visits.
The StethoMe stethoscope enables making high quality recordings of auscultation sounds in a dedicated application. After the examination is finished, the sounds recorded are sent to the physician’s audiovisual panel where a unique sound StethoMe AI analysis preview is provided. StethoMe AI informs about any potential abnormal sounds in the respiratory system.

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