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Startup Notes
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Startup Notes is the hub for unique entrepreneurial insights. We publish a podcast or video interview with an accomplished founder or venture capitalist every other week. We talk about all things startup-related – from identifying an opportunity, marketing strategies to growing a company from three people to an international operation with hundreds of employees. We are the only online resource that focuses exclusively on students and junior entrepreneurs – but are happy if our content is of use also for all the seasoned startup enthusiasts out there. There are many popular entrepreneurship sources, which are primarily for news. Startup Notes is for inspiration and actionable advice to start your own company. Listeners can sign up for our newsletter or connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for more entrepreneurial content. Additionally, we collaborate with leading German startup and business news websites where our content gets regularly published in form of articles (e.g. Gründerszene, Business Insider Germany, Deutsche Startups, t3n – digital pioneers, Business Punk).
We also just recently started our series of exclusive masterclasses called “From Scratch”, in collaboration with Digital McKinsey in Berlin. With the concept of 12 masterclass lectures we are sharing an unvarnished look behind the scenes of what it actually is like to launch, build and grow a startup – and how to best do it. All lectures are based on a conversation with an accomplished European founder or VC. The series was kicked off in March by Christoph Gerber (Founder of Lieferando – 60m€ exit to and is moderated by Christian Miele (Principal at – more info here:
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Berlin, Hamburg, Luxembourg
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