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Imagine the world is hit with an unknown virus and we all have to work from home due to quarantine. Here we realise that all the company governance was running on papers and enacted with hand-written signatures. Then how are you going to lead the company governance through the crisis?
And obviously, traditional documentation workflow is unsecured and ineffective in time and cost.
To solve these problems, companies need to digitalise their governance, automate the meeting workflows and engagements, and legalize the document signing workflow. All these are possible with Stampify solution.
Particularly, our platform allows a company:
– to digitalise a shareholder registry and its management;
– to aggregate the essential governance duties and history in personal and company’s dashboards;
– to create and manage general and swift meetings, automating agenda, documentation, engagement, and voting workflows;
– and importantly, to enact the decisions by signing the resolutions, board packs and any other documents in a legally-binding way.
Our Governance Framework aims to empower boards, executives and shareholders with three technological pillars:
1/ Online platform accessible from anywhere;
2/ Digital Identity including both advanced and qualified signatures;
3/ Blockchain technology ensuring a proper audit trail.
Based in:
corporate governance; e-signature, blockchain
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