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Sportsflare is focused on unlocking new possibilities in esports through applied deep learning and AI research.

We strongly believe that esports is the future of entertainment and competition, and are acutely aware that the data generated by both esports and traditional sports has been largely untapped. Our thesis is that in-play esports betting is the killer application for our technology, an area that has been underserved by manual human labor.

Our team combines expertise in machine learning academia and industry, software, finance, and esports betting, uniquely positioning us to enter and thrive in this market. Before serving sportsbooks, our team ran an esports betting application for bettors. We even introduced the first public esports dataset and corresponding benchmarks for machine learning research in our recent paper.

Esports is intense and competitive, with a culture of good sportsmanship that inspires many. We try to emulate this same culture in Sportsflare by valuing ambition, creativity, dedication, excellence, and candour.
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deep learning, AI research, technology, machine learning
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