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Soundwaves is the future of music,

covering the main needs of artists, audiences, locations & brands.
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Soundwaves Unite people by music like never before, providing a social music network AR supported platform to help artists collaborate and grow their audience.

New approach to music networking. From your desktop computer, laptop or smartphone you can play your favourite tracks and discover new music from people around the world.
It’s simple – listen, create, connect, stream and chat, all in one place.

With Soundwaves users can discover artists based on AI & ML, follow their favorite musicians, and find new music that fits their tastes, post songs they love, share and listen to them with friends, get alerted to live events, buy tickets online and more.

The biggest piece of innovation are the Soundrooms: where users and artists can set a private or public room where they can listen to music even if they’re apart, and engage with each other using chat or voice, have guests or shows, like a radio that can tackle many industries like live shows transmission or watching movies, live events together but experience more than before.

We offer a dynamic environment dedicated to music and podcasts, and we’re replacing endless mails or messages on many platforms with a new method that will save time and increase the rate of success – the profile in Soundwaves App will replace the CV of any artists or creator, providing a webpage where anyone can access relevant data from an artist, in order to pitch to a label record or partners.

Based in:
Soundwaves, Music, Social Networking
Total Funding:
Between €1-€100K
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