SoSafe Cyber Security Awareness

SoSafe Cyber Security Awareness
Business Name:
SoSafe Cyber Security Awareness
Business Description:
SoSafe Cyber Security Awareness (SoSafe GmbH) is a provider of digital training solutions specializing in IT security and awareness building. The strongly expanding team ranges from IT security experts to learning psychologists. SoSafe’s awareness platform sensitizes, trains and tests employees of 250+ customers in dealing with all kinds of cyber threats, creating a sustainable security culture. The training is interactive, motivating and 100% data protection compliant and its content can easily be customized, e.g. to incorporate internal security policies or points of contact. With comprehensible KPIs and detailed reporting dashboards, the success of cyber security training finally becomes measurable and visible. Further information is available at
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B2B, SaaS, Security, IT
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No funding announced yet
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