Business Description
Berlin based international award winning startup, with teams in USA and Asia our Solar Powered Wi-Fi Eco Bins https://solaroutdoormedia.de/solarwifiecobin. It is a data driven, interactive Smart Waste Management solution. We combine ultrasonic fill-level Smart Sensors that monitor waste in real-time with the help of sophisticated software. We provide Cities and Businesses with analytics that can be used for data-driven decision making in the optimization of Waste Collection routes, pick-up frequencies, and vehicle loads. This proven solution reduces Waste collection costs by at least 30% and lower carbon emissions in cities up to 60%. We can give all cities, Universities, Stadiums, industrial parks, Supermarkets, hospitals, gas stations, facility management companies and collectors of e-waste a Full live Smart Waste Management and Recycling Solution. Besides our high frequency exposure to our partnership sponsors to a high volume consumers on their every day city commute, this digital exposure is viewed through our Solar Powered side and back illuminated displays. The bins also feature free wifi connectivity access and USB mobile chargers
Long Business Description

Our German Berlin base Startup Solar Wifi Eco Bins and Smart Interactive Waste Management solutions partners with cities and governments to deliver smart waste management solutions and high frequency exposure to high volume consumers on their every day city commute.These are viewed by the daily commuting citizens through our SOLAR POWERED side and back sponsors displays.

The bottom line is that our INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS & WASTE MANAGEMENT BINS can get your message in and out of the heaviest trafficked areas of major metropolitan locations globally. Concentrated in densely populated areas of a market where other coverage is often limited or unavailable. Maintains high visual exposure throughout day and night using Solar Powered backlit illumination.

SOLAR WIFI ECO BIN solution combines ultrasonic fill-level Smart Sensors that monitor waste in real-time with the help of sophisticated software we provide both cities and businesses with analytics that can be used for data-driven decision making in the optimization of waste collection routes, pick-up frequencies, and vehicle loads, proven solutions reduce waste collection costs by at least 30% and lower carbon emissions in cities up to 60%. We can give all cities, industrial parks, supermarkets, hospitals, laboratories, gas stations, facility management companies and collectors of e-waste a Full Smart Waste Management Solution and recycling.

The powerful cloud-based platform enables the customer to configure, monitor and manage daily waste management. In addition to real-time waste monitoring. Zero- waste, or zero-landfill is a popular business objective nowadays. Businesses, where waste-related costs are a significant part of budgets/OPEX, should consider optimizing waste management as much as possible.

Our Citizen App is a mobile application for smartphones, which allows any user to see and use data from our Smart Sensors that measure fill-levels in bins. Our app informs people of the nearest-available empty bin and enables them to be more environmentally responsible for waste disposal. By providing real-time feedback via the app, citizens can report any issues and thus help reduce overflowing and messy bins, making the-city smarter connected , cleaner and free of litter. The Citizen App is a part of the Solar Wi-Fi Eco Bin Smart Waste Management solution.

Currently we can install our IoT Waste Management data sensors on current existing trash bins today, this will bring more revenues and profit to the company, as well among our SOLAR WIFI ECO BINS income on WI-FI hot-spot & Media ads

* High-demand, hard-to-reach city areas coverage; with high populations. reaches desirable consumers in city’s key districts.
* Highly exposure to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, 90% high consumer employee base.
* Backlit to ensure the highest quality of graphic reproduction, high contrast and visibility.
* Delivers high frequency from repeated exposure to high volume of daily commuters.
* Reach every part of a community with our dynamic solar powered displays.
* High profile exposure near point-of-purchase locations.
* Our Interactive Display capabilities include social media integration, countdowns, live updates, conditional content, Outdoor Connect IoT, ICT, RSS , WiFi ,Touch-Screen, and more.
* Effective for short term campaigns that require rapid consumer awareness.

Contract Terms
* Purchased in minimum 4-week periods or longer.
* Typically purchased in networks or by rating point level.
* We provide our street furniture FREE of Charges for Cities and Municipalities
(contact us for details) [email protected]

* Widely distributed along street corners and high traffic areas
* Strategically placed at key retail intersections and bus stops stations.
* Perfect for reaching the critical business consumer .
* Community positioning around desirable neighborhoods and major retail centers.

**** Products, formats and availability may vary by market and regions; These sizes are approximate and not intended for production-due to various investors structural designs****

Based in
Waste Management, IOT, Solar Power, OOH, interactive vending


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