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SoilSense works to improve agricultural efficiency by offering the first easy-to-use, ai-powered soil moisture sensor system.
Long Business Description

SoilSense is an agro-technology company that works to solve one of the grandest climate challenges of this century - water scarcity. We are driven by the ambition of making a real difference in the world. Today, more than 70% of all available freshwater is used for watering crops. This puts farming at the center of attention if we are to solve theglobal challenge of water scarcity.
SoilSense offers an affordable soil sensor and software solution that helps farmers optimize the growth of their crops, by intelligently recommending when and where to water. SoilSense-farmers reduce water usage and increase their yield.

Our company is born global with systems deployed in Peru, Kenya, and Denmark. Since 2018 we have worked to develop our product and market fit, and in 2020 we started selling our solution to the first base of customers. Our focus in 2021 will be on maturing our hardware for production and distribution, adding advanced software features to our platform, and scaling sales to European markets.

Based in
soil sensors, agriculture, agtech
Total Funding
Between €100K-€500K
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