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SoHHytec is your caterer for all your solar fuel and energy needs. SoHHytec provides a renewable system for onsite production of solar Fuel (Hydrogen, Oxygen) and Power (Electricity, Heat) which is cleaner, greener, and cost-effective. We use our innovative patented technology based on an integrated photo-electrochemical device. SoHHytec’s product calledArb’ is inspired by trees. And it utilizes only the sun and water as the input resources and produces Fuel i.e. Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Power i.e. Electricity and Heat all at the same time and on the same site, requiring minimal ground/roof space. Our integrated device shows high solar-to-fuel & solar-to-electricity efficiency, works at unprecedented power and current density, and provides cost-effective fuel & power production, all with a realistic potential for long-term stability.
SoHHytec alleviates the current dependency on fossil fuels by bringing a cleaner, greener, sustainable, and cost-effective system for fuel and power production. Hydrogen is deemed to be the fuel of the future, though today 96% of world hydrogen production comes from offsite steam reforming of conventional fossil fuels and is then transported to its final places of utilization. This is neither clean nor renewable and is costly, polluting, and time-taking. SoHHytec provides a fully clean and green system for hydrogen production additionally co-generating electricity and heat. We alleviate and eliminate the grid instability problems which occur with intermittent renewable energy sources like solar energy as this source’s energy is stored in an energy-dense fuel via our product. SoHHytec’s vision is to be the game-changer for realizing a sustainable hydrogen economy. Our aim is to make the fuel of the future i.e. hydrogen, a reality of today.
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solar fuel, technology, electrochemical device, fossil fuels
Total Funding:
Between €100K-€500K
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