SnapFIT Tech

SnapFIT Tech
Business Name:
SnapFIT Tech
Business Description:
SnapFIT integrates into one single solution everything that is necessary to expand the potential of a laptop, enhancing the every-day work experience, providing the necessary hardware for the next generation of workers, and building user-friendly smart-working solutions.

SnapFIT Tech is mainly focused on building a platform and an ecosystem of products.
SnapFIT consists of different modules, interchangeable and with different functions, which leave enormous space for further development, future integration of new modules, and for the development of whole the platform.

Currently SnapFIT consist of 5 cylindrical modules, with a deep focus on the user-experience and materials, indeed all the product will be made of eco-sustainable or recycled materials. SnapFIT modules are the cable manager, a hotspot, adapters, the power bank, and a Bluetooth speaker.
Based in:
laptop, hardware, platform, modules
Total Funding:
Between €1-€100K
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