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Our vision is to turn every phone into a private guide.

SmartGuide is a salable platform that makes creating an intuitive, professional mobile guide simple & smooth. SmartGuide acts like a live guide, guiding visitors around and talking to them automatically when they reach an interesting spot. We use gamification to make guide content more engaging and bring it to life with audio narration and Augmented Reality (AR).
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With SmartGuide:
– Travelers find great multimedia guides for places they visit conveniently on their smartphone, in their language and at any time!
– Tourist attractions digitize their content and produce own multimedia guides easily and for free. Let’s be honest… signs and brochures are so boring!
– Professional guides make their in-depth local knowledge available to more travelers than they could manage physically and create a passive income.

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TravelTech, Digital Guide, Geolocation, GPS, Smartguide, Prague

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