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Business Description
With 2 million euros, we produce a validated, approved, toilet measurement tool.
A multibillion market is predicted by 2025 for smart toilet technology.

Stool analyses is not yet performed on a large scale, despite known health and disease implications in stool.

We can assess stool in relation to health, food, disease, obesity, medication safety, the microbiome.

In this stage, we develop a validated and approved measurement tool, not a diagnostic predictor.
We funded and delivered our research, patents, sensor development and design in 2018. This was done by founders, Tessie Vile (director), Bart van Heijningen (technical director/sensor expert) and Eelko Ronner(physician/trial methodology), RvO (dutch ministery of economic affairs), academic and hospital partners, patent lawyers, business advisors.
Long Business Description

Quick, hygienic, monitoring at home on a daily bases.
Smart Toilets is the Healthtech Startup that aims to monitor faeces on a large scale. Monitoring of faeces on a daily bases gives valuable insights of the stool of the user. The Smart Toilet introduces a non-invasive, user-friendly method based on sensortechnology to measure all kinds of properties about stool in toilets. The Smart Toilet recognizes the user, analyses the stool properties and displays it in an initiative app. The user can choose to share the insights with his Medical Doctor, Health Care Provider, Dietician or others.
We delivered novelty searches, patented our process and are in a pre prototype fashion.
Specific sensors are designed and ready to be made, with short time lines.
A trial protocol and hospital approval for proof of concept trials with this prototype are ready.

We look for a visionary investor that enables a multi year path, including clinical approvements.
We have orders for a first batch of 20, and a second larger batch.
Given the confidential nature of the information in this stage, more information can be obtained on request.

Based in
De Bilt, The Netherlands
hygiene, toilet measurement, toilets

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