Smart Business Modeler

Smart Business Modeler
Business Name:
Smart Business Modeler
Business Description:
The Smart Business Modeler is an intelligent venture creation and coaching tool that is offering mentors and entrepreneurs intuitive online guidance for each innovation stage, based on the latest research and tools that we conduct and develop ourselves.
As a multi-sided platform, the Smart Business Modeler currently adheres to a multi-sided business model.
• For Learners and Entrepreneurs, we are 100% free. In the next months, we will be piloting potential premium features, such as consulting and access to third-party apps, which will then take us closer to a ‘freemium’ business model.
• For Universities, Businesses and Accelerators that wish to have their educators and mentors teach and manage their innovation programs on our platform, we charge ‘Licensing and Customization Fees’ regarding setup, branding services, tailor-made tools and courses.
Based in:
venture creation, coaching, guidance
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