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Business Description
SKYdeals.shop is the first market place dedicated to passengers connected via inboard wifi.
This new website will allow brands and services to target in a very fine way (in connection with the PNR file) the travelers currently in flight and to push them preferential offers such as private sales.
A brand could target all the women traveling now in Business Class from Asia to Europe and push them the new summer collection.
Or a Kite Surf teacher could target all the flights Landing at Punta Cana Airports in the next 48 hours and send a last minute offer to their passengers.
SKYdeals offers a high perspective of new revenues for Airlines.
Long Business Description

The first market place dedicated to passengers connected to the Internet via inflight wifi.
A new e-commerce service allowing brands and service providers to sharply target passengers with exclusive and discounted offers available only during the flight.
A real revolution in the travel retail market.

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