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Home improvement and renovation can be very costly. Few options are really available besides going to the local DIY/Home improvement store. And because stores usually sell by standard quantity, you need to pay more than you actually need and the leftovers will be either left at the store, stored at home, or put for sale on your usual C2Cmarketplace website where you will have very little visibility.
sKraps fits right there.

sKraps is a C2C marketplace that aims to build a community of users focused on DIY and home improvement. Our users can sell, buy, give away their goods or learn on sKraps blog how to get the most out of what they already have or can find without breaking the bank.

sKraps also allows two users with the same need to meet in order to optimize their purchases at the local store. Hence, reducing the overall waste.
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Home improvement, renovation, C2Cmarketplace
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No funding announced yet
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