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For job seekers who want to progress professionally, Skilllab is a personal career assistant to uncover professional career pathways.
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Labour displacement by automation and migration creates job seekers that need to redefine their career and find new pathways to employment. Their professions are often rendered redundant, making it impossible to simply continue a career somewhere else. But while job titles might not be transferable in those situations, skills and experiences are.

With Skilllab’s app, job seekers identify and document their skills fast and explore professional career pathways they could pursue in a given labour market. Through the granularity of the skill assessment (13485 unique skills) it is possible to capture a job seekers experience in detail, match their skills to every occupation and show missing skills that would increase employability. Online education form third parties is directly linked to those skills, making education accessible while viewing a desired job.

Job seekers can easily find the education they need and market themselves to employers on the basis of their skills.

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Skills, employment, migrants, up-skilling
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