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Business Description
Sites Technologies is the company that publishes the Skope artificial intelligence platform, which aims to improve the safety of people and equipment in industrial settings. The solution is built around three major technologies:

an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform allowing to:
load and manage multimedia content
compare pre-recorded situations with a DBMS
detect anomalies
an autonomous Machine Learning module that allows the detection application to evolve and be more efficient
a Workflow module that generates alerts automatically
Once the data is stored and classified, the platform's algorithm analyzes and compares it in order to detect security-related anomalies such as:

Failure to wear helmets, goggles, boots, gloves, vests,
Faulty assembly
Risk of falling objects
Obstacles in passage areas
Prohibited locations
Pedestrian accidents on construction machinery
Posture management (back injury)
Based in
artificial intelligence platform, Machine Learning, Workflow module
Total Funding
No funding announced yet

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