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Business Description
For many years digital transformation of the manufacturing industry has been underway. However, for regulated industries and operations that combine complex reporting workflows, project manufacturing, and mobility for the field, few digital solutions meet the expectations. As a result, on those sites, tools and work methods haven’t changed so much in the past decades while quality and safety requirements have exploded.
That is around those challenges that professionals from the nuclear industry, special works, and software experts have gathered, to create Siteflow, the first cloud-based field service management software designed for complex operations (Nuclear, Oil&Gas…).

A solution designed for end-user

Beyond technical specificities from those markets, we have leveraged learnings from industries that have already been through digital transformation: every time user acceptance is key to make those challenging projects a success.

This is why at Siteflow, our obsession is to design the most simple interfaces and functionalities that bring value directly for our users, in order to simplify their daily tasks, to ease collaboration with their colleagues, and to help them focus on what really matters.

A change management program to facilitate digital transformation

As we all know, the choice of a software solution is just part of the puzzle to implement a digital transformation program. Organizations need to be re-designed as the day-to-day activities of engineers, project managers, and operators are directly concerned. Based on our experience, we help our customers for a smooth transition to operational excellence.
Based in
complex reporting workflows, cloud-based, complex operations
Total Funding
Between €1 million-€ 2.5 million
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