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Simplifai is a holistic Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with the vision to empower tomorrow’s digital winners and to release the full potential of human employees through the smart application of artificial intelligence and automation technology. The company’s disruptive, hyper-automation solutions allow customers to automate work processes where free-text, natural language emails, documents, or chat are the information carriers. Its Emailbot can automate the handling of up to 80% of the inquiries in an average customer service center.
In the past, it has been common to customize the digitalization and automation of processes for each individual company. This has made digitalization expensive and limited its scalability. Now, we can build digital employees composed of standardized modules. When a new digital employee is being created, the modules are selected based on industry and job function. The modules are connected almost like Legos: standardized, function-specific, almost entirely self-propelled, and fun!

With today’s technology, the range of what can be automated is expanding. We work with holistic functions, not just individual processes. Thus, we can create teachable systems that can both assess content and take action. We also facilitate the pairing of systems, as well as cooperation between them. This constitutes a good starting point for new and exciting opportunities.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI), digitalization, automation, digital employee
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