Simfony Mobile

Simfony Mobile
Business Name:
Simfony Mobile
Business Description:
We are a European-based company of engineers and professionals with decades of experience in top international companies and Simfony united us around a common goal: provide companies from all industries and of all sizes with an open framework for designing, building, testing and operating IoT projects.
Simfony Mobile has been founded in Bucharest, Romania, by veterans of the telecom industry.
Our mission is to develop the capabilities required for devices, people and the web to interact meaningfully.
Long Business Description:

Simfony Mobile provides a versatile and easy-to-use IoT Cloud Platform, powering a wide range of solutions in multiple industries. By choosing our platform, companies will be able to pick and choose the building blocks needed for their future IoT projects, from global connectivity to data analytics, all based on a cloud-cost model. Simfony’s out-of-the-box solutions are designed to increase business efficiency and ROI.
We also provide global connectivity, service creation and execution environments that allow our customers to only build the applications important to them. Along the IoT enablers we also tackle important problems in other telco verticals such as secure communications services and parental control.

Based in:
Open Framework, IoT, Connectivity
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