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Siesta Solution is a comprehensive solution for managing your accommodation facility. It is designed to increase efficiency, save time, and most importantly to increase revenues. It contains all the important components that every modern hotel system should handle: Intuitive PMS, booking engine, channel manager, revenue manager and many more great features.
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Accommodation is one of the oldest services in the world, and it will be needed also in the future. After all, we spend almost half of our lives sleeping. And if we don’t want to or can’t stay at home, with family or with friends, we have no other choice but to pay for accommodation. A wide variety of different accommodation types are available to us, from luxury hotels to desert tents. When you pay for accommodation, you expect that you will be well taken care of, that you will be welcomed by the staff, rooms will be clean and equipped with the necessary accessories and that you will not by disturbed and that you will be able to enjoy a rest which is so important.

We take it for granted that everyone will always keep smiling and that we can do whatever we want when we pay for an accommodation. Often, however, we forget that the staff has a lot of work with our stay. They must always keep the rooms perfectly cleaned and prepared, provide sufficient number of reservations to make the operation of a hotel viable, communicate with guests, solve complaints and various requirements and many other things. It is not easy at all and often it is both very psychologically and physically demanding.

Thanks to our own experience with the operation of a hotel, we decided to help other operators of accommodation facilities. When they care so well about their guests, who will help them and care for them as perfectly as they do about their guests? Our vision is to help with the operation of hotels and automate routine agenda so that the operators of accommodation facilities have more time for their guests, interests, families and friends.

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