Show4me Music Interaction Network

Show4me Music Interaction Network
Business Name:
Show4me Music Interaction Network
Business Description:
Online platform for musicians, fans, and music professionals to interact, sell music and show tickets, connect, appreciate good music, share news, network, showcase music portfolios, listen and buy music, show tickets, merch, crowdfund music and concerts (both offline and online).
Long Business Description:

Show4me Music Interaction Network is a network with a range of SaaS services for musicians and music professionals. It is geared towards zero-loss music business where a musician or their team can sell music and set up shows with fan support and not risk own money when creating events or recording new music.
Show4me allows for easy building of a fan network as each artist can create a free Artist club where they share their music, news, behind-the-scenes, set up show and music crowdfunding campaigns, presell show tickets, and more.
Show4me is designed to make a music career possible for a wide range of music talent across the globe. The network combines social and business aspects of music industry into a single ecosystem that allows musicians to only build their network there and not move fans between multiple platforms to get them to buy something. Show4me helps musicians convert followers into fans who support their favorite artist with actual purchases of show tickets, music, or Artist club $1/year subscription.

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music, music business, music industry, musicians, fans, network, music network, buy music, monetize music, sell music, earn money off music
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