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Business Description:
Sharemat is a simple way to rent high-quality machines or earn money on your equipment. ShareMat FLEET: Manage your fleet and collaborate with your teams, your service providers to optimize equipment & service. You can add equipment with telematics (or not), Connected to Fleet to any IoT or manufacturer telematics, Start adding information to get an accurate fleet overview.
ShareMat RENT: Equipment Rental between professionals with dedicated private rental networks, you can add equipment to your private rental platform in one click. Secure platform to rent with your partners, Fast to implement (in a few hours), Connected to Sharemat Fleet or your ERP. You can also use ShareMat RENT as an internal marketplace. They believe in data, real-time reporting, IoT, to improve your everyday work. Owners, renters, service providers share data to optimize equipment & service.
Based in:
equipment, fleet Equipment Rental, marketplace
Total Funding:
Between €2.5 million-5 million
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