Sevensense Robotics

Sevensense Robotics
Business Name:
Sevensense Robotics
Business Description:
Sevensense empowers mobile robots to move into crowded and fast-changing spaces and enables them to support humans. We build the eyes and brain for mobile robots to make any kind of small ground vehicle navigate in complex environments, both in- and outdoors, even when shared with people. To do so, we have embedded our advanced navigation technology into a plug & play autonomy kit which leverages state-of-the-art camera-based 3D perception technology and proprietary sensor fusion algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence.
Long Business Description:

We at Sevensense have made it our mission to fundamentally revolutionize entire industries. With our innovative solutions, we make everyday service vehicles – from forklifts to cleaning machines – move independently and safely in dynamic indoor and outdoor spaces full of people. Repetitive, dangerous and unhygienic work in airports, railway stations, construction sites or department stores will soon be carried out by robots equipped with our technology. This way Sevensense can not only contribute to making human workplaces more interesting and safer thanks to the support of robots, but also to making operational processes more efficient and cost-effective.
The unique technology behind it has its origins in over ten years of groundbreaking research at ETH Zurich and consists of a multi-camera sensor, proprietary navigation systems and innovative machine learning techniques. Through an all-encompassing combination of software and hardware, Sevensense offers even customers with little robotics knowledge a complete and easy to integrate solution for the autonomy of their service machines.

Based in:
Zurich, Switzerland
Visual SLAM, robotics, autonomy, service robots
Total Funding:
Between €2.5 million-5 million
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